Week 1 – Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy – All Done!

It’s certainly been an eventful week!!  It’s not everyday you have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, let alone do it with a broken 5th metatarsal, which is being pinned in another surgical procedure just 10 days after the mastectomy.

You would think that this would keep us busy enough!


BUT….if you know the Grigaliunas family, affectionally known as Team Griggas, you would almost be expecting something else.  Well, not to disappoint, there is more…..

In addition to the prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, Leigh decided it would be good idea to have our new puppy Lofty desexed, he was due, so it made sense to schedule it in.  In fact, Leigh had booked it in with the vet and sent me a calendar meeting request  for the very same day as my procedure.  When I questioned Leigh as to whether he thought it might be ‘too much’ to take on in a day, he hesitated to agree, but eventually decided that it might be best to reschedule Lofty’s appointment.  Instead of Lofty losing his balls on the same day I was losing my boobs, Leigh re-appointed the event to the Monday after my mastectomy.

Dog Meme

Lofty has since recovered and to my relief, Leigh saw some sense in my suggestion to move the appointment so it wasn’t on the same day as my procedure.

So with a few balls (no pun intended) all juggling in the air last week, you ‘d think we had enough on our plate.

More balls quote

All I can say is that Leigh must have been caught in a moment of emotion as ‘man’s best friend’ lost his nuts.  Why you ask? Well he agreed to take on a foster dog, which he read about on Facebook via the breeder we purchased our puppy from.  Sadly, this 3 year old Labradoodle had been mistreated and needed a loving home with children to help him ‘recover’.   My heart wanted to help, but I wasn’t so sure that the timing was the best.  I was still in hospital and not really thinking about welcoming a new family member into our home. Leigh however was drawn in and had already made the decision to welcome the dog into our family, so on the Friday I came home, the plan was that Leigh would collect the foster dog, whose name I learnt was ‘Dood’, the following day.  How could he resist this face?


Leigh and the girls made the trip to collect Dood and I slept and rested the day away, which was exactly what the doctor had ordered.

Dood came into our home and was an instant hit with Lofty, Leigh, Layla and Libby.  For me, it was more a matter of wondering how we can ‘adjust’ the name ‘Dood’ to match the pattern we use when naming our children.  Layla, Libby and Lofty all contain the letter ‘L’ and the letter ‘Y’, which are of course mine and Leigh’s first name initials, but Dood didn’t match.  There was some light hearted discussion as to how we would deal with the fact that our new family member didn’t follow the naming pattern.

So, as I sit here looking back on the week that was, I realise that it’s been an eventful one.

Busy New Happy

For the icing on the cake, would you believe that Dood went missing today!! We think he jumped the fence to escape, the poor thing has obviously had a really rough life.  We reported it immediately to BCC, I then recorded the contact information for any shelter in the area due to open again Monday morning and finally I went straight to social media to post the missing dog on Facebook.  We printed flyers and letterbox dropped them and Leigh drove around the street, then walked Lofty to see if he could ‘sniff’ him out.  There was no success and we all started to ponder what might have happened to poor Dood.

Then it happened!  The magic of social media, which I’ve seen work in the past but never really experienced myself in this way.

A friend of mine saw my post about Dood being missing, she then shared a post with me that another friend of hers posted about a male dog being found.  While I didn’t know her ‘friend’ who had found Dood, we instantly knew the local coffee shop where Dood was photographed at and it was only about 800m up the road.  After a couple of messages between us, we were connected and Dood was once again back with us.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.23.23 pm

What a week, what a weekend!!

Tonight as I finish this blog, I prepare to take myself upstairs to bed, but not before packing a light bag for my foot operation tomorrow morning.  While I’m certain it’s going to be a very basic ‘day procedure’, it’s always a good idea to prepare ‘just in case’.  I’d hate to be stuck in there for the night without some fresh undies, my PJ’s and my laptop of course!!


I laughed momentarily that our life this past week would make a good soap opera script, but I will admit that I was waiting for the happy ending and found myself very relieved when it came with the return of our foster dog Dood.

I haven’t had time to think much about my recovery, I just expect that it will be a relatively simple process now.  I will admit that my chest has slowly ‘filled up’ with fluid since coming home on Friday, but I’ve just been ‘getting on with things’ and doing my best to ignore it.  There’s no sign of infection, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling in my chest and I’m now sporting a small ‘A’ cup instead of a flat chest. You can see in the image comparison below that I’m starting to fill up….

Comparison_drains filling

I think I actually prefer the feeling of it being flat for the moment, so I’m really looking forward to having a needle aspiration on Wednesday to remove the excess fluid that’s building up in my chest.  It might not show very clearly in the image comparison, but my boobs haven’t been this tight and sitting this high since I was 15.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that on Wednesday, the same day as my needle aspiration, we also pick up two International Students visiting from Japan, they’re staying with us during their visit to the girls school for 2 weeks.

I guess it’s lucky we love to juggle!!

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