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Prior to my Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy this week, I watched a beautiful video clip of a dear friend singing in the car with her children.  It was a truly beautiful thing to see.  Not only were the kids all singing and dancing in the car, their gorgeous mum was hitting the notes as she boogied with them.

It inspired me!

Children quote

I’d recently convinced my girls to have a little dance in the car with me, however it didn’t really inspire, but it was funny.  Miss 7 head butted me by accident and instead of sympathy from both girls, little Miss 6 did what I can only describe as ‘cackled’.

When we returned home that night, the eve of my operation, I decided that it might be nice to ask the girls some questions about how they were feeling.  The little ‘interview’ process was funny and despite some wild and animated impersonations of their dad Leigh at the end, I have decided to share it with you today.

I truly hope you get as much out of their little rambling interview as I did.  I think both girls far exceeded their word count for the day as they both tried to keep the spotlight on themselves.

When the door bell rang in the background, it was two very beautiful friends visiting before the big day.  The girls eventually did come down stairs and I can assure you that no children were ‘pounded’ that night.

I hope you enjoy these uncut little snippets of our amazing girls.

What do you think?  Are they funny or what?  I especially loved Libby’s animation of what ‘Daddy’ might do and Layla’s ‘doorbell’ impersonation too.

Yas xxxx




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