My New Party Trick

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Happy 3 month Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy Day to me!!  I celebrated with a new party trick……do you want to see it?  Although I’m not sure how popular I’d be showing my new party trick off literally at a party!!!

I decided to test out the magnets inside the tissue expanders, here’s what it looked like…….

Previvor Magnets

I know it’s ridiculous right?  Firstly what on earth was I thinking?  Secondly, who shares an image like that?

Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while now, you would know that I typically don’t leave anything out when it comes to sharing my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy journey. I’d rather be open, honest and real, as opposed to hiding behind closed doors and having people wonder!  I did warn you all in my original blog post all those months ago when I said “I’m not for everyone”.

You might remember me sharing an earlier blog about the tissue expansion process.  It’s linked in this blog if you haven’t read it.

For 3 months now I’ve had tissue expanders inside my body and I’m now at the size I’ll end up being once my reconstruction takes place.   Tissue expanders have magnets in them to assist with locating to point to insert the syringe full of fluid.  Naturally, if the syringe is just poked in anywhere, there’s a risk it will pierce the expander, leaving a slow leak in the foob.

I have always been curious about whether the magnets would work through skin, so of course I decided to test it (as you do).  While it wasn’t a strong magnetic connection, it did exist and it was strong enough to hold the two magnets into place.  The tissue expanders are beneath my peck muscle, which probably explains why the magnetic connection was weak, I do recall the Dr telling me my peck muscles were very strong!


So I met with my Doctor today and we have now booked the reconstruction in. Thursday 11 September 2014 (no Twin Towers jokes please) is the day and while I would have ideally liked it all done and dusted immediately, the reality is that I need to ride my bike from Brisbane to Townsville in less than 14 weeks from now, so it’s no time for surgery, it’s time to bloody train!!

time to train

You’re riding to Townsville from Brisbane you ask?  Yes, I am!!  Crazy I know, but I’m really most excited about the community visits and the lifelong relationships formed between all of the riders along the way.   Oh yeah and we need to ride 1600km’s in 8 days!!  You can read more about it on the official Bottlemart Smiling for Smiddy Challenge page.

8 days, 1600km’s, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park, it will potentially challenge me more than the surgery has.   Check out the schedule:

  • Day 1 – Brisbane-Nanango, 205km
  • Day 2 – Nanango-Eidsvold, 242km
  • Day 3 – Eidsvold-Biloela,175km
  • Day 4  Biloela-Blackwater, 240km
  • Day 5 – Blackwater-Clermont,192km
  • Day 6 – Clermont-Belyando Crossing, 178km
  • Day 7 – Belyando Crossing-Charters Towers, 198km
  • Day 8 – Charters Towers-Townsville, 164km
The Dr has been aware of this ride since the first day we met and she’s always been supportive of my desire to do it.  So when we chatted today, there were a few good points made as to why waiting to reconstruct ‘post ride’ is a good idea:
  • Recovery is going perfectly
  • Strength and training have resumed to almost pre-surgery levels
  • Body is fit and strong (I liked the Dr telling me this one)
  • Tissue expander Foobs are tougher – which translates to them being better for me if I happen to fall off my bike
  • Tissue expander Foobs are disposable – if they break, we throw them out.
  • Training time limitations if we operate again now – a few weeks off isn’t desirable mentally of physically

We both agree that waiting until after the ride is best.

So now it’s time to get the roadie bike out to do some serious time in the saddle. My foobs are all healed and safely in place for now, so of course it’s time mess up another part of the female anatomy.

Which reminds me, I’d better place a bulk order for chamois cream in preparation for some mega time in the saddle.

Aussie Butt Cream

My poor husband!  Firstly I remove my breasts, which I’ve since been told were ‘great breasts’ by quite a few friends and followers – and I still blushed even though they’re gone!!  Now I’m just about to spend 14 weeks with my vagina planted hard on a seat in preparation for this ride.


There won’t be any blog post images on the journey of my ‘saddle’ I promise, but if you’re curious, you could always Google ‘saddle sores’.  To save you the trouble, just imagine that my nether regions, along with 49 others in September this year will look a little like this….



Stay tuned for some more updates, including some stories about my foob farts, my Under the Red Dress Hot Seat and our amazing event coming up, aptly named the World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

Life with my foobs has been trouble free so far, so we may as well keep rolling on together.

Yas xxxx