My Biggest Fear…..

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One of my biggest fears in the lead up to my Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy isn’t the fear of surgery, nor is it the worry about being in hospital for 7 days, and would you believe that it’s not even the concern about the post-operative pain or even the removal of the drains which I hear is not very pleasant.

Would you believe that my biggest fear about my up and coming stay at The Mater Private Hospital is……..eating hospital food for 7 days!!

Hospital food_4

You see, I love eating really well, in fact the truth is that I just love eating!! When I eat great food it makes me feel energised, motivated, healthy, happy and on top of the world.  It also ensures that I can train consistently and keep away any sniffles and illness.

Over the years and under the fantastic guidance of Sally and her team at Apple to Zucchini, I’ve learnt to understand what makes me feel good when I eat, what foods are best to train and compete with and despite the occasional desire to eat my way through a pack of Vanilla Pod Cupcakes, I do tend to steer clear of processed and sugary foods.

Vanilla Pod

I will also admit to the odd indulgence of a Poppy Cakes signature Red Velvet cupcake, they are devine!!

Poppy cakes

During the past 8 weeks, I’ve focused strongly on eating incredibly well, but let me make it perfectly clear, I have NOT been dieting.  In fact, I don’t diet, it’s never worked for me and it’s painful, really painful especially if you love food as much as I do.   Instead, I’ve learnt to feed my body well in order for it to perform well.

My daily food consumption has included raw and fresh ingredients, a lot of homemade products, such as my daily breakfast green smoothie and delicious hummus dip plus plenty of legumes, greens, fruit and veggies, my delicious salads in a jar – mostly plant based products and for the first time in my life, I have cut out meat completely.  I wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian just quite yet, nor would I say I’m 100% vegan, but my food consumption has been very much along these lines.  Why?  Because I wanted to be as ‘clean’ on the inside as possible before surgery.   I believe it will not only help me during the invasive process on my body, but it’s bound to ensure I bounce back as quickly as possible.


I haven’t lost weight during this time, it was never my aim to do so.  I have absolutely no idea how many calories I eat per day, how much fat is in a product, nor do I know really my exact body weight, but I feel so much better – even with the odd treat along the way.  I ate a few of the delicious little nipple cakes at my Boob-Voyage over the weekend.

Nipple Cakes

I must admit though, what I once thought of as ‘treat food’, doesn’t really make me feel very well now!  When I have the desire for something special, it’s not a scoop of ice-cream, nor a chocolate biscuit, a bag of Maltesers or even a delectable gourmet cupcake.  It might sound boring, but I usually make myself a fruit smoothie, or if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’d make these no-bake cheesecake cups……they are devine!!!!

Screenshot 2014-02-26 06.07.45

The One Ingredient Chef website has been great to browse for great ideas on some raw and natural foods to prepare.

In addition to fearing hospital food, I fear gluten.  Our youngest daughter has Coeliac Disease, she was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and since that time, we’ve become a gluten free household.  So the thought of eating overcooked gluten filled pasta, ladened with some kind of meaty bolognaise sauce and a side serve of half cooked vegetables, served on a tray with the token juice in a sealed plastic cup is the absolute last thing I want to eat for dinner.


I spoke with a beautiful woman late last week who has recently been through the same procedure and she told me the most amazing news…….

The Mater Private Hospital have a Room Service Menu.  I was instantly excited and had to check this out – so I immediately Googled it.

Talk about amazing!  I no longer need to pack my own fresh salads for lunch, nor do I need to ask Leigh to sneak in dinner for me.  I can pick and choose whatever I like on the menu, at any time I feel like it.

I’m pretty excited!!!

I will admit though, I’m going to find it hard to part with my breakfast smoothie, so I’m planning to smuggle in my Tri-Best blender to whip up a green smoothie for breakfast daily.


The final staples for me will include my homemade hummus dip, some plain rice cakes and our delicious home-made (usually by little Miss 7) protein balls.  They’re all fantastically healthy snack items which will absolutely help me stay on track for a speedy recovery.

Don’t just take my word for it……the famous quote by Hippocrates says it all….

Medicine quote