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My gorgeous cousin Jodie is a pretty amazing young lady.  Ever since she was born, there has been a ray of light that surrounds her.  As a toddler, Jodie was cheeky, funny and a super dooper cutie and as an adult, she’s honestly still very much the same.


Our family is very close and we always grew up visiting our Nan and Pop weekly, so it meant that as cousins, we would spend a lot of time together. Sometimes we’d complain, but it’s now we all realise how important this time with each other really was.


Jodie has been incredibly supportive throughout my whole Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy decision making process.  I received an email this week from Jodie about an idea she had to help support me during the recovery.  Instead of trying to tell you Jodie’s story in my words, I invited Jodie to write a blog article for me to share on the page.  Not only has Jodie told an amazing story, she shows tremendous courage as she not only lets us into her world, but she has proudly stepped out of her comfort zone to put herself ‘out there’ for all to see.

In her own words and straight from the heart, here’s Jodie’s idea…..


“Ever since I can remember, Yas has been the most competitive, driven, passionate person I have ever known.  She is very passionate about our family, helping people and fitness. These are things that I have always loved about her.  It didn’t matter if it was family Singstar night and her doing “power squats” to reach certain notes while screaming into the Singstar mic, competing in Tri’s all over the country and Internationally, helping raise over $20,000 for a charity in 2013 or even most recently, winning multiple games at a family baby shower, Yas does EVERYTHING to the best of her ability.  So to me it was no surprise when she decided to get a preventative double mastectomy.

To me, this is just her making the choice to live her life to the best of her ability, making sure she is there for her two gorgeous daughters and her husband for a long long time.  To someone like me who thinks logically and passionately, it’s the right decision.  You process what’s most important to you in life, factor in obstacles, find a way to remove them or change them into stepping stones and move on.  This is exactly how I see what Yas is doing and that is just my opinion and I know it will differ from person to person.


I have many memories from when I was a child with Yas, one of my cool older cousins.  I remember things like her doing my hair and makeup for special occasions, making up dancing to songs like “Barbie Girl” with my sister and always having sleep overs!   As I got older, the focus turned to other things, Yas took me shopping for my first bra, she tried to help me get back on the rails when I was a big trouble maker kid and tried to help me manage my weight, all things that she knew I was struggling with.  When I was in my early teens I remember having a race from my family home over to our Nan and Pops home which was just under 2kms away.  As a pretty chubby kid it took me quite a while to run (pretty sure I walked ALOT of it) the 2kms, but one thing I distinctly remember was Yas coming back and encouraging me to keep going. 

I did eventually get there and I’m pretty positive I jumped straight in the pool fully clothed!  Now as a pretty put together (I like to think) 24 year old, I can reflect on things like this and see what Yas was trying to help me achieve, I just wasn’t ready at the time.  

As I was undressing to hop into the shower a few days ago I realised how uncomfortable I am starting to feel in my body.  Over two years I managed go from 110kgs down to 80kgs and now I’m back around to 95kg mark again after getting a bit comfortable and lazy in my relationship.  One thing’s for sure, I never want to be 100+kgs again.   Here I am at my biggest…..


So I started to think about fitness and motivation and what I could do to get me going again, instantly Yas came to mind.  To me Yas is always on her game when it comes to fitness, people call her fitness crazy and obsessed, but hey, if that’s what you like then power too you!!!  Here I am at my most healthy…….


I then realised with her upcoming mastectomy and foot surgery (yes she is doing both one after the other!) she isn’t going to be able to work out then there was the EUREKA moment. I will work out for Yas while she can’t, crazy right?!  Hell yeah it is!  But crazy is ok with me and crazy isn’t definitely ok with Yas haha. 


So for the next 6-8 weeks I will following a similar schedule to what Yas would normally do, this involves working out about 12 times a week for around 60 – 90mins at a time and I am PUMPED!  

I have taken photos to track my progression and they were probably the hardest bit of committing to this.  But here they are and here goes nothing!!”


 Luv Jodie xxxx

WOW, WOW, WOW!!  Seriously, Jodie’s pretty amazing hey!!!

Jodie is one of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet.  I remember at our Smiling for Smiddy Garage Sale last year, she worked an all-nighter to help with the setup, then she took herself off to work for the day and soldiered on without a blink of the eye.  She had fun doing it too, even finding time to dress up along the way….

Garage Sale

When I received Jodie’s message about her idea to follow my training schedule during my down time, I was seriously blown away.   I sent her the regime and once again, she didn’t hesitate.

I love her idea and I’m even more proud of the fact that she has courageously shared her story today.

Go Jodie!  You absolutely ROCK my world and I’m looking forward to training in spirit with you as you undertake this challenge you have set for yourself.

Here’s the schedule for anyone that wants to join Jodie:

  • Monday 6:00am & 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 5:30am & 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 5:30am & 5:30pm
  • Thursday 6:00am & 5:30pm
  • Friday 5:30am & optional 5:00pm
  • Saturday 6:30am & optional 4:30pm
  • Sunday 6:00am & rest or walk PM

Yas xxxx