Surgery Frequent Flyer

Here I sit, wondering how on earth to update my blog today.  There’s so much I want to say, so many thoughts going on in my head, it’s been a very busy few days.

I will be honest, I have another 3 or 4 blog articles which I was expecting to post before this one, but I just couldn’t resist laughing at myself a little and popping this one up first.


For those that don’t know, I was in the emergency room this week with a suspected foot injury.  After writing my ‘Dr’s Orders: Get as fit as you can’ blog, I can just imagine Alanis Morissette’s Ironic playing in the background when you read the full details of what happened.

Basically, I was training at the gym, doing an exercise that I’ve done plenty of times before and suddenly I hear a ‘snap or crack’ and realise that it came from my foot!!  With some fantastic immediate support from my friend Mandy, who helped me remove my shoe and make my way over to the lounge seat, I was immediately fussed over by the wonderful Lexi, who has welcomed me daily at the gym for months now with her warm infectious smile.  Lexi’s one of those beautiful people you meet, and while she’s stunning on the outside, it’s her inside that makes her most beautiful.  She’s almost young enough to be my daughter and one of those young women that you hope your own daughter grows up to be.  Lexi insisted on icing my foot and had me rest for 20 mins.

I’m actually in the top photo below, which was taken just moments before I injured myself.  I’m working hard at the back in the white shirt.

Kosama Training

I had already organised a breakfast catch up with a good friend of mine, so I hobbled out of the gym insistent that I was going to be OK.  I had self diagnosed in my mind (that’s what we all do isn’t it?) that I had just hurt my foot, cracked a joint and sustained some minor injury in a ligament or something.   It wasn’t until after breakfast that I realised the pain wasn’t getting better, I was less capable of hobbling around and took myself off to the local private emergency hospital for a quick check, resulting in the ‘broken bone’ diagnosis.  A moon boot, some crutches and instructions to rest for 4-6 weeks and I was on my way.


So, why am I here today jumping ahead of other already prepared articles? Well, it’s because I have since seen my GP, who referred me to an Orthopaedic Surgeon for further investigation of my 5th metatarsal x-ray.


Through what is a classic ‘stars aligning’ morning. I turned up unannounced at my GP’s rooms to request a referral, to which he not only provided, but he personally called a lower limb specialist to squeeze me in and see me today!   I drove immediately to the specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon who turned out to be just exactly what I needed.

My broken 5th metatarsal is now a confirmed Jones Fracture.

OK, I’ll admit it….  A quick visit to Google last night when I was kindly informed by a friends Podiatrist husband that he suspected a Jones Fracture, saw me reading the Wikipedia page where it describes the fracture in further detail.  Take a read of the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognisis yourself and you might get an idea of where my thoughts were heading…..especially given my x-ray image looks almost identical to the image used on this page.

So we now have a plan of action.  In addition to my Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy on Feb 28, which includes 7 days in hospital, I’m now also booked in for surgery to repair my foot on Monday 10 March.

keep-calm-its-just-surgery (1)

I realise how ridiculous this might seem.  Seriously!!  Who has a mastectomy and then willingly undergoes further surgery just 10 days later?

The answer is simple…..Me!

OTT Quote_

I’m a process oriented type of person, which you may have already gathered if you have read some of my previous blogs.

My thoughts are pretty simple…

If I’m going to be incapacitated following my mastectomy, then I may as well remain incapacitated by having my foot surgery at the same time.  The healing process can then overlap and I’ll be able to really focus on healing, resting and recovering.

To be honest, if my foot could have been operated on while I am still in hospital, then I would have absolutely gone with that.  The surgery on my foot is minor, it’s an in-and-out in a day type of surgery.

So with a mastectomy on Feb 28, recovery for 7 days in hospital and then surgery to pin my foot, I’ll be unable to use crutches, so I dare say that one of these trendy things (known as a knee scooter) might be my new mode of transport for a while.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 6.12.41 am

One thing’s for sure, I’ll be guaranteed to rest, which is surely just what the Dr will order. Rest that is until it’s time to take the girls down to the local park for some scooter racing!!

This quote sums it up perfectly.

Sails quote