NOT Nudity!!

So, for those of you who don’t know, I woke last weekend to my personal Facebook page being temporarily suspended.

As it turns out, someone reported the photo of my new party trick.   If you missed it, it’s this one with magnets on my skin.

Previvor Magnets

I guess at first glance, it’s officially nudity, however this is my body and I have a completely different view on it.  The questions I asked myself before I posted the blog article were:

  • Is it even a breast?
  • There’s no nipple, so it’s just skin.
  • The mound isn’t breast tissue, it’s a tissue expander under my peck muscle.
  • The magnets at first glance may appear to look like nipples, but they’re NOT!

This lead me to believe that it wasn’t violating any Facebook rules, this is NOT nudity.  I even checked Facebook officially to confirm and here’s what I found….

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.23.29 am

I immediately reactivated my Facebook account and managed to get the blog re-posted and shared, with an additional comment from myself this time. This was the post I shared on my personal page….

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.28.34 am

Clearly I wasn’t happy, however I did manage to compose myself enough so that I didn’t fly completely off the handle.  Initially I thought I was angry, but to be honest, I wasn’t.  I’m not really that kind of person, I don’t usually let other people bother me, so I just took it in my stride and enjoyed reading the scores of comments from friends and family supporting me.

On the same weekend, there was an article shared on the Daily Mail Australia. This one does contain very mild nudity, but because it didn’t appear as an image on my post, it was allowed to slip through.   The images were taken as part of the Under the Red Dress project, where I posed pre and post surgery to support the raising of awareness of breast screening and body image.  Check out the ‘before’ photo….


I’m the first to admit that I don’t look like this at all in my every day life.  As I said to our girls, “isn’t it amazing what you can do with loads of makeup and a fantastic photographer with Photoshop talent?”.   Once I explained Photoshop to Miss 7 and Miss 6, they really got it!

They both commented that I didn’t look like me, that I looked like a Supermodel and that I had too much makeup on.  How very right they were!

When I showed them the contrasting image, they were immediately at ease, more comfortable with what they saw and Miss 7 even commented on how nice my undies were.   Clearly I got my best undies out for the shoot!!


I find it all very normal to look at my body in this way.  It is what it is and I can’t change it and nor do I want to change it.

When I looked back on the images where my ‘original’ breasts are on display, I don’t feel any sense of loss, sadness or negativity of any kind.  Instead, I look at these images now and am grateful for making the decision I made.


One of my friends even told me that I had really great breasts, which came as a nice little surprise, I always thought they were little flap jacks after children!  I still remember the first time I was sharing a picture of my breasts in the family collage before surgery.  You might remember it from the ‘It’s breast selfie time’ blog I posted before surgery.  My family were so wonderfully supportive in sharing their breasts in a collage.

Family collage

Our girls and I talked about the Under the Red Dress photo’s at length and I am really pleased to have achieved exactly what I had hoped for with my involvement in the project. You see, I set out to ‘show’ our girls that anyone can look like a Supermodel.  Thankfully our girls don’t buy glossy magazines, they don’t have strong external influences over beauty and they don’t follow celebrities either.

In being involved in a project with this particular message, do you think I’ve now planted a seed in the minds of our girls to think twice next time there’s pressure on them to look a certain way?

My image proves that absolutely ANYONE can look like a magazine cover!! Now let’s hope that the images in this blog post don’t cause my account to be suspended.

Yas xxxx

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I understand your reasons. Cancer has been in my family and the trauma, if it can be avoided, should be. I love this project 🙂

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