Jodie’s Update

Remember my awesome cousin Jodie?  She’s the super strong and determined young woman who came up with the great idea to ‘train’ for me while I’m off my feet.  If you missed the blog about it, you can read about it all in the Jodie’s Story blog.  Jodie has sent through an update and I’d love to share it with you….

I share with you Jodie’s update…..

“This week I started my fitness challenge after pledging myself to Yasmin’s fitness regime. When I first told a few people I got “you’re mental”, “it’s not natural to work our that much”, “you’re not fit enough”.  All of these people are people that are drilling holes on my boat, so I chose to ignore them.  Then I have the amazing people in my life that said things like “that’s brave”, “good on you” and “I’ll help you out along the way”.


One of those people helping row my boat is my amazing Dad.  Most people reading this don’t know who I am.  So quickly, about 5 months ago I moved to perth from Brisbane with my boyfriend Carlo after being presented with a great work opportunity.  We left behind both of your very loving families.  My dad has came over for a 2 week visit and half way through the time when he was here, I made my commitment to Yas.

photo 4

After I told dad, he offered for me to come on his morning walks that he had been doing everyday.  So off we went!  The track we walked is gorgeous and runs down beside the swan river for kilometres.  It was a great time to spend quality time with him and also for him to share some tips as he actually has never held a drivers license and walks everywhere!  We also spent some of our quality time and went to Rottnest Island where there are no cars, which meant GRAB A BIKE!

photo 2

I myself had not been on a bike in over 15 years but got the hang quite easy.  I was super impressed with Dad who has not ridden a bike in 35 years!!!!!! Total for the day we ended up riding over 13kms and had a great time stopping to snorkel and swim in between.

photo 3

I also just got back from a work conference where we participated in some very fun physical activities.  The company I work for prides themselves on the “outdoor culture” so of course we were going to get sweaty!!  It started off as an ‘amazing race’ type journey and I had nominated myself as team leader.  I grabbed a business card and our team was off and running to find the business!  We ran for about 2kms until we got to a bike shop! How ironic considering I had just been on a bike for the first time in a long time a few days ago.  We got told to “find the boss” so we rang to him and he gave us clues. Off we rode we cycled for about 4kms before we found him and picked him up.  He gave us a direction to go in and we cycled back another 2kms, by this point my legs were killing me. We got to the beach and realised we were doing stand up paddling boarding which is awesome!!!!!  It was my first time trying it and yes I ended up in the water multiples of times.  After all the different teams finished the race we all joined together and played a few games of beach volley ball.  I had no idea how good at serving a was! 🙂  I was very happy to discover this.

photo 5

I’m now back at home in Perth and back to work, I also bought a cold home with me.  So to be 100% honest I have no worked out the last two days and I feel very guilty.  It’s starting to pass though which means I will be getting back to it very soon.  I hope everyone is enjoying following this as much as I am enjoying doing it.  Keep watching this space and watching me shrink. I promise I will.”

photo 1

Jodie xx

Isn’t she awesome?  Seriously, I’m so proud of Jodie not only for sharing her story, but for being so determined and strong, despite the challenges that she has ahead of her.

Go Jodie!!!

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