Jodie’s Update # 3

Here’s the weekly update all the way from Perth, on the other side of the country to where I am.  Jodie and I manage to stay in touch with each other thanks to email, text messages and of course, Facebook messages too.  Even with the time difference, we still manage to catch each other almost immediately whenever we send a message.

Jodie surprised me this week with some fantastic news.  Take a read of her blog update below….

“So something exciting happened this week… I BOUGHT A BIKE!!! 🙂

photo 3

This might mean something different to everyone, to some it means a fixie (no gears) or a mountain bike or a top of the range carbon fibre tri bike.  The bike I got is a simple bike that will get me started on my journey to becoming a fitter person.  I’m going to be riding it too and from work everyday and will be going for rides on my days off as well.  So far I love it!  It’s red (so it goes faster!), has 18 gears which I need to learn how to use and was bought for me by my amazing boyfriend Carlo.

photo 1

Speaking of Carlo, he is one of the other fabulous people that is helping row my boat.  He will do anything to help me succeed in any facet of my life, including moving across the country for my job.  So when I told him I was doing this in support of Yas, he was all for it! He even ran beside me while I was riding on my bike ride.  What more does a girl need in life?!

photo 2

We also did a big clean out of our panty and fridge on our day off and ditched the chocolate, soft drinks and unhealthy snacks.  We then went and replaced it all with delicious healthy food, some of which I’m trying for the first time and I will be sure to take pictures of for my next blog.

For me, eating healthy is probably the hardest bit of it all, but I know if it isn’t in the house then I can’t be tempted to eat it at all.  Working in a retail mall on the other hand though, means at lunch time there are tonnes of bad choices everywhere and my colleagues bring them in too.  My will power will be tested this week and I PROMISE to be 100% honest as to whether I cave in or not.

KC_Eat healthy

I do have a great support system at work though with colleagues that love to stay fit doing rowing, tri’s, cycling and running.  We are even looking into fun active things we can do together such as an indoor trampoline place called Bounce Inc.   It looks like great fun and looks like it would be a killer leg work out haha!

It’s been a great week and I’m sure there are many more great things to come as I open my eyes to new food and become one of those “pesky” cyclists, I’ll keep you all posted! Xx”

photo 4

WOW!!  What a woman!  I am so super impressed with Jodie making these positive and healthy changes to her life.  She’s a truly beautiful person and regardless of how she looks now or in the future after she has achieved her goals, I know that she’s going to live a longer healthier life with her daily exercise habits and new healthy eating plans.

I love you Jodie, you are truly an inspiration.  While I sit here in Brisbane unable to train for a few more weeks yet, I can’t help but feel motivated by Jodie’s updates.  Keep going strong!!!

PS.  She’s almost convinced to do a triathlon with me next time she’s back in Brisbane.  I am so excited at the thought of racing with her side-by-side 100% of the way.

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