I’m Normal!! I have written proof….

I’ve literally just come home from the Parent Information Night at our new school.  On the short drive home, I smiled to myself and reflected on the ‘All About Me’ I saw hanging in the classroom.

The answers didn’t surprise me at all, among Miss 7’s favourite things are:

  • Subject: Reading
  • Animal: My dog, Lofty and then an extra PS. note including our dog of 13 years, Bear.
  • Colour: Blue
  • Food: Spaghetti

Then came the big question…..

When I grow up I want to be…….

My initial thoughts had me thinking she would choose:

  • A Vet – she loves (is obsessed with) animals!
  • A Nurse – she has a strong stomach and loves to clean up anyone injured, blood and all!
  • A Teacher – she loves to play ‘schools’ at home is ALWAYS the teacher.
  • A Gymnast – she is ALWAYS doing handstands….check us out on the beach together..


Nope, Miss 7 and-a-half wrote ‘word for word’ the following:

A normal person like my own Mum.  


Oh stop it!  How sweet!  What a beautiful thing to say!  I almost cried!  Go on, zoom in on that piccy and check out the love heart and smiley face she included, I bet she had that cute little grin on her face when she was writing it. How adorable!

Naturally I’ll treasure this picture, but I’ll also store it for the future to remind her of it when she’s a pre-pubescent teenager screaming at me when I try to wake her up for school in the mornings.  That’s normal right?

As I was driving home from the parent evening, I reflected……

What is normal?  Well the dictionary describes it this way……

Screenshot 2014-02-07 12.34.31

I guess she’s right, I’m ‘normal’.  I particularly like the Psychology meaning, which states ‘approximately average in any psychological tray, as intelligence, personality or emotional disorder’.

So as a ’normal and average’ Mum whose daughter wants to be like when she grows up, how do I feel about it all?

I freaking love it!!  

I especially love it because my daughter thinks normal includes me willingly having my breasts surgically removed in order to avoid a potential breast cancer diagnosis in the future.

She also thinks it’s completely normal to…..

  • Rise early, often before the sun comes up in order to fit in a training session before the morning school run
  • Turn up to school in my sweaty gym gear, make-up free, hair un-brushed and on those ‘mad rush’ mornings, occasionally without deodorant!
  • Work in a business as CEO of a company I co-founded
  • Farting out loud and still laughing like a little girl when it happens (did I really just type that?)
  • Grass wee’s and the occasional bushman emergency poo (everyone’s done this, right?)
  • Take selfies of my breasts and sharing them with friends, family and strangers (I’m rehearsing the nipple shots now with just 3 weeks to go before the big op)
  • Buy matching swimwear for the three of us…..


OK, I’d better stop now, perhaps I’ve already shared too much!!

I love my normal life and ultimately I hope for nothing but happiness for Miss 7, regardless of what she wants to be when she grows up.

I pat myself on my back tonight for being a mum who ‘while not for everyone’, is completely happy being ‘normal’ in the eyes of Little Miss 7.

My message in this blog is simple…..

Normal Quote

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