Gumtree Bargain….

Everyone loves a good bargain right?  Well I can’t help but brag about my most recent score on Gumtree!!

During my planning and preparation before my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, I realised that laying flat in a bed upon returning home would be challenging.  The hospital beds are great for ensuring you can really be comfortable on any angle, however our bed at home is definitely not going to suit if I want to prop myself up.  I’ve never been a big pillow user, which is lucky because my hubby loves his pillows and is often caught spooning my extra pillow in the early hours of the morning.  I always wondered why it wasn’t me he was spooning, but apparently I get too hot and it makes him sweat more!!

I’d better stop there before it becomes a case of TMI (too much information). Hmmmm, this image makes me wonder about that excuse he’s been using all these years…….


I knew I’d need a recliner or some sort of bed ‘propping up’ device in order to make it a smooth transition from hospital to home.

The first thing I found was this Bed Lounge, which is actually a pretty cool product.  They’re not too expensive and while they’re not the most attractive item to add to the bedroom, they would certainly do exactly what I was hoping for.

Bed Lounge

I just didn’t get that ‘must buy’ feeling from the Bed Lounge.  I started to wonder what I’d do when it comes to napping during the day.  Would I need to go upstairs to our bedroom each time I needed the nanna-nap?  I was kind of imagining myself just falling asleep randomly throughout the day, on some kind of super comfy recliner chair.

So I started to scroll through eBay and Gumtree for recliner lounge chairs. Figuring that I’d have to pay around $100 for a second hand recliner chair, I found myself just randomly visiting eBay and Gumtree whenever I remembered to do so.

I was amazed at just how many recliners there were available.  I will admit to doing some crazy kind of happy dance when I stumbled across an ad that read: “Cream leather 3 seater couch + 2 single recliners”.  The reason for the happy dance, well that’s easy!!  It was located in nearby Stafford and still available for the BARGAIN price of $50.  A Gumtree bargain!!


Seriously!!  $50 for a 3 seater leather couch PLUS 2 x single recliners.  I bought it on the spot via email, sight unseen!!


Thankfully we have some very kind friends loan us a trailer, so my darling husband and our very generous neighbour went and picked it up.  Let me tell you though, it was hilarious watching two grown men work out how to bring 2 recliners inside the small doorway between the garage and the house, not to mention watch as they manoeuvred one of the recliners up the stairs to our bedroom.

You see, with 2 recliners in the deal, I thought it would be worthwhile having one upstairs in our bedroom, with the other staying downstairs in the lounge room.  It makes sense right? I’m sure the boys were convinced as I stood their watching in my moon boot with no ability to help them!!

The 3 seater won’t go to waste either.  It’s already been delivered to our storage location in Greenslopes, where we have been accumulating goods for the World’s Biggest Garage Sale charity event in July this year.  We’ll sell the whole lounge suite at the fundraising event, and I’m pretty confident we’ll get the whole $50 back for it too.

World's Biggest GS_Flyer

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale event is not to be missed, so be sure to go and ‘Like’ the Facebook page now for regular updates on the event, which will be raising much needed funds in support of Smiling for Smiddy and The Mater Foundation.  These people do amazing things in the fight to find a cure for all kinds of cancer, but for me, I love supporting them because I know the funds raised via Smiling for Smiddy are helping researchers with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.  If helping raise funds today can perhaps save our two girls from having to face the choice as to whether they remove their breasts and ovaries when they’re adults, then I’m one happy mamma.

In the mean time, you can find me resting and lounging on my two newly acquired leather recliners.  My biggest decision daily will be whether I feel like chilling out upstairs, or downstairs.

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