To help you navigate some of the new terms and acronyms used.  If you have any you want added, please comment and I will include it in the list.

  • BC – Breast cancer
  • BRCA1/BRCA2 – Breast cancer genes in which some mutations may be related to elevated risk of breast, ovarian, and/or other kinds of cancer.
  • BYOB – Bring Your Own Blender (I’m a big fan of raw and nutritious food, there’s no better way to enjoy a delicious breakfast smoothie in hospital than by taking in a small portable blender).  The Tribest is my fave!  I bought mine on eBay here.
  • Donor site – the portion of the body from which an organ or tissue is removed for transplant or grafting
  • Expander – (see Tissue expander)
  • Foobs – Fake Boobs
  • Haematoma – A swelling containing blood
  • Nipple reconstruction – procedure done following the final placement of the permanent implant to rearrange tissue, giving elevation to it, to resemble a normal looking nipple
  • Nipple sparring (NS) – the nipple and/or areola are left in place while the breast tissue under them is removed
  • NNS – Non-nipple sparring – the nipple  and/or areola are removed
  • NS – Nipple sparring
  • PBM – Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy
  • PO – Prophylactic oophorectomy
  • Previvor – A survivor of a predisposition (or increased risk) for a disease, such as cancer
  • Prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (PBM) – the removal of both healthy breasts as a preventative procedure to reduce the risk of future diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Prophylactic oophorectomy (PO) – the removal of the ovaries as a preventative procedure to reduce the risk of future diagnosis of ovarian cancer
  • Prosthesis – an artificial body part
  • PS – Plastic surgeon
  • Seroma – a pocket of clear fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery
  • TE – Tissue expander
  • Tissue expander – A fillable tube inserted temporarily into the subperiosteal tissue and progressively inflated to expand the periosteal mucosa and create space for later reconstruction.
  • TRAM Flap – Transverse rectus abdominous myocutaneous flap: a type of reconstructive surgery where fat and muscle from the abdomen are used to recreate breast tissue





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