The Gift of Giving…..

It’s an exciting week for me!  On Friday I’m visiting my surgeon for an update. It’s time to find out officially from a medical professional how the foobs are travelling.

If you ask me, they’re fantastic!  No movement, no pain, no issues, no problems, it’s all been very low maintenance since the original meltdown when I thought I’d be stuck with the Holy Big Boobs Batman knockers…..

Other than the fact that they look very different to regular boobs most people see, I look very normal and I feel even better.  The foobs have just become a part of me and my daily life and to be honest, most days I forget completely that they’re any different to what I had prior to surgery.  This is my new normal…..


I’m expecting everything to be perfect when I see the Dr, so until then, there’s not really much more to report.

I decided that I would dedicate my blog post this week to sharing with you what I did this weekend.  For me, it was a very special, so special that it deserves to be shared.

I spent my Saturday at a strangers house, a house I had visited for the first time just days prior where I met David and Christa, a couple who are retired and were in need of some help.  I learnt that David and Christa were in the process of sorting through the home David grew up in.


David’s parents, Henry and Betty had recently passed away and David and Christa were overwhelmed by the task of preparing the home for sale.  This was the home Henry built, the home they lived in and the home they loved and cherished for more than 60 years.

David and Christa wanted to donate Henry and Betty’s belongings to charity and when we were offered the opportunity to help, naturally I jumped at the chance.  I am still not sure whether I was more excited at the gift of giving our time, or the by the fact that we were receiving some donations towards our World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

In July this year, we are holding our second World’s Biggest Garage Sale, an event created last year to help raise money for The Mater Foundation, in support of Smiling for Smiddy.  In 2013 we raised more than $15,000 for cancer research at our  World’s Biggest Garage Sale, so naturally we were always going to make it an annual event.


This year I’ve set the target much much much higher, so I was naturally delighted to be offered the opportunity to assist David and Christa – every little donation helps.  On Saturday, exactly 7 weeks before our big event, there were 13 of us who spent the day sorting and packing Henry and Betty’s house.

This is a photo of Henry and Betty on their wedding day……..


We laughed, we got teary and we remembered their lives, two strangers who most of us had never had the pleasure of meeting.  By the end of the day, I felt like I knew Henry and Betty.  It was easy to see their strong love for one another, they cared for their home beautifully, their gardens were immaculate, their home spotless clean.

The furniture, while old in age, was almost new in condition and their treasured belongings lined the shelves on display to anyone who visited.


One of the highlights for me was turning on the radio, tuned perfectly to what must have been Henry’s favourite AM station.  We let the radio play all day, I’m sure that Henry was watching over us as we listened to his ‘wireless’.


With an 8:30am start and a nearing 6:00pm finish, it was a very solid day with little downtime.  It’s difficult to find exactly the right words to describe what I felt on Saturday, but this quote definitely sums it up well for me.


Isn’t it ironic that the shirts we wore on the weekend were adorned with a heart…..


Smiling for Smiddy are incredibly supportive of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale event we now hold annually and I personally can’t wait to experience the amazing roller coaster ride of being involved in this again.

It was an honour to be offered the opportunity to help sort through and pack up Henry and Betty’s house.  I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching their lifetime of treasures continue their own journey in the hands of other families when they snap themselves up a bargain at our event.

Our two girls couldn’t help but pick some little trinkets out for their own collection, so they both handed over their own pocket money to pay for their new treasures.  I know they will truly looked after and now we have our own little piece of Henry and Betty in our family home.


I feel so fortunate to have the amazing support from the team of volunteers, my friends, who gave up their weekend time with their own families to help our World’s Biggest Garage Sale.  This quote sums it up perfectly….


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