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So, it was a week ago now that I poured my heart out to the world by sharing my first teary moment since my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  If you missed the blog, you can read it here: Holy Big Boobs Batman!

I look back at this now and have two thoughts…..

  1. How very honest and open for me to share my true personal feelings at the time.
  2. What was the big deal?

Isn’t it funny how time can heal all wounds?  I watch the You Tube video link now and while it’s how I felt at the time, I can say that my statement of ‘time will tell’ at the end is true.

It’s only been 7 days since my final expansion, 7 days since I wrote the blog and 7 days since I recorded the You Tube clip and things are vastly different.

You can decide for yourself from the comparison shot, but I think it’s fairly obvious in my gym shirt!!  It’s the same top, the same location in the house, the only difference is the lighting, with one image being taken at night, the other just 7 days later in the morning.  The hooters no longer look like they are going to topple me over if I was pushed from behind!!

1 Weeks Comparison_1

If that’s not obvious enough, check out the difference with the shirt off!!  It’s a much more realistic looking bust now.  Even my sister admitted to me tonight that the photo of the left looked a bit freaky when she first saw it.  She agrees that the image on the right is much better and I’m with her, by foobs look much better now.

1 Weeks Comparison_2

When I posted the update on my Previvor Facebook page, I spotted my husband checking out the comparison multiple times in disbelief.  Given he has seen them everyday since they were huge last week, I guess he didn’t really notice the settling, but I definitely did.  It was also apparent when some of my friends, both male and female, started to comment that they didn’t look ‘very big’ in real life compared to the photo’s that I shared.  One friend even wondered whether I was using some sort of special filter to make them look bigger in the photo!!  I have no doubt that some ladies would love an ‘instant expanding’ filter on their camera, but definitely not me!

A big positive I found this week was the fact that I can now wear strapless shirts without a bra, and the double bonus is that there’s no risk of ‘high beaming’ when I’m cold. I have mentioned it a few times, but let me remind you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE no nipples!!


Moving on from the size and convenience of my foobies, I am more excited to have made my official comeback to training last week, just 2 days after my expansion.  It was officially ‘foobie fitness’ time.  Please note that it was  only when I received the ‘official’ call from the Doctor to confirm I was OK to resume training.

I ventured out to the Nundah Criterium Track the very next day, which is only couple of Km’s from our place.  I’d usually ride down, but given it was to be my first official ‘outdoor cycle’, I thought it would be wise to drive down for training.  The session with the Tri Alliance Queensland squad is always fun and it was great to see some familiar faces, along with some new faces too.  The track is fantastic for training, with a very smooth surface, perfect for my first foobie cycle.  It’s also protected from motorists!!  The only condition I had from the Doctor about cycling was ‘to not fall off’, so the crit track is perfect for this.

Crit Track

I took it nice and easy, spinning around for the session, with an effort or two in there to see if my body could handle a little speed on the bike. While I didn’t break any records, everything felt great and I gained some confidence in my post surgery body by training with the team.  It’s often argued that the best part of training is the coffee afterwards, so naturally some of the team met for a coffee after the ride.  We were in my ‘hood’, so it was nice to meet at the local Retroespresso Coffee for a delicious brew.


All that stress about taking the foobs out in public wasn’t necessary.  While I filled my Smiling for Smiddy cycle jersey out a little more than I have in the past, the foobs weren’t obviously ‘fake’ and tucked nicely into my regular top.  Foobie fitness winning in my book!!








Next came my Wednesday PM session.  I was on a roll!!  I decided that now that I had clearance from the Doc, I was pretty much going to see what my body could do.   I took myself along to Kosama Fitness for the ‘Foundations’ class, which is a 30 minute intense session involving anything from kettle bell swings, to push-ups, TRX, squats, rope slams and a variety of other core and strength exercises.  I managed to successfully survive the session and decided that I would stay on a roll and train until I had a sign from my body to slow down.

Well almost a week on and I haven’t stopped yet.  Under the guidance of some great coaches and trainers, I’ve been able to fit in a fantastic foobie fitness schedule since Wednesday last week, including about 10 -12 sessions and things don’t look to be slowing down.  I was even snapped in the Kosama finisher on Saturday, where we were rope slamming as a group at the end of a tough Afterburn class.


I usually try to do an AM and a PM session from Monday – Thursday, then an AM session Fri – Sun.  Don’t tell the coach (he’s not likely to read this anyway), but I even managed to sneak in a 3rd session yesterday, heading to the pool for my very first swim set since surgery. There’s no need to panic though, I only swam 1KM and used it as a recovery swim after gym.  Coach Ray made sure I didn’t push it and wouldn’t let me use paddles, nor swim more than the 1KM I said I’d do.  He’s a pretty special guy!!

All in all, it’s been a great week, vastly different from how I was feeling this time last week after my mini-meltdown.

A high over the weekend was definitely my outdoor cycle on the ‘actual road’, which was done with some beautiful friends from the tri squad.  We chatted the whole way and enjoyed a coffee (of course) together afterwards.


Then we decided to back it up with an indoor wind trainer session on Monday morning. Wind trainer sessions are tough, so to take our minds off it, we cycled to Chrissie Wellington’s spin set for 90 mins of intense and motivating fun.


I have some pretty amazing friends in my life, which I already knew prior to having surgery, but I must admit that throughout my recovery process, I have been reminded almost daily of the special bond I have with some of the amazing people I train with.  I have missed them so much during my time off and I absolutely stoked to be back!!

Friends Quote

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  1. Wow.. they look fantastic now, so glad you feel better. I had a cry for you last week when I watched your video blog, you did a better job at holding back the tears than I did. Again, you look fantastic!!!!!

  2. Thanks Kellie, they are so different just in 7 days!! I wouldn’t believe the change myself if it wasn’t for the side-by-side comparison. I watched the video again today and struggled to hold back the tears. Thank you for your support. Yas xxxx

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