Dr’s Orders: Get as fit as you can!!

Friday saw me heading to see my breast surgeon for the last time before my Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy.

Get fit_4

The appointment was primarily to discuss the method of the surgery, which involved confirming the decision to either keep or not keep my nipples.   If you haven’t read my previous blog, I’m NOT sparing my nipples, I want them gone, along with every little piece of breast tissue possible!

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice for each patient.  I have learnt throughout this process that it’s quite common for women to opt and prefer to keep or ‘spare’ their nipple.  The primary reason as I understand it, is for cosmetic purposes.  OK, I’ll admit that it will look ‘weird’ and ‘different’ to not have a nipple, but for me it was never an option to keep them.  My philosophy is simple…..take it all!!

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my nipples.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they look pretty ‘normal’, they aren’t small or large, they aren’t dark or light, they’re pretty standard if you ask me.  However, my nipples are very sensitive to the weather, so naturally they react and ‘present’ themselves willingly whenever they please.   For me personally, I’ve never really loved that look, except for maybe a ‘tiny little bit’ when I was in my late teens and it attracted some attention from the odd boy here and there 🙂 .


Now that we have the nipple side of the appointment out of the way, it was time to finalise any other questions.

My only question really was related to the final 2 weeks.  I mostly wanted to know whether I should be ‘easing up’ with my training, avoiding certain exercises or sleeping and resting more between now and Feb 28th.

I waited patiently for the answer to my very simple question, which was….“Is there anything I should be avoiding physically to best prepare in the final two weeks?”

I took a deep breath and he said something like….No, there’s nothing to avoid, I want you to get as fit as you can before surgery.

I bet I smiled, I’m sure I did.  I was relieved, happy, excited and a little pumped to be honest.

I won’t lie, I have definitely repeated the words a few times (or maybe a dozen or more times) over in my head.

  • Get as fit as you can
  • Get as fit as you can
  • Get as fit as you can

There’s really no other way to interpret these 6 words.  Whoo hoo!!!

I was pumped!!  So pumped that I had a little self talk to myself on the way to the gym on Saturday for my weekly ‘favourite’ session.  Known as ‘Afterburn’, this session is seriously fun, challenging and tough all at the same time.  The team at Kosama Fitness – Fortitude Valley are simply awesome!!

My little self talk was pretty much just…..

”Work harder than ever Yas, it’s your second last Saturday session for a while”

Get fit_3

So train like a beast I did!!  I think I sweated more on Saturday morning than I have for a very long time.  Thanks to the amazing Niki, one of the trainers at Kosama, I have a few photo’s from Saturday to remind me of the session.

Afterburn on Saturday was tough!  It was one of those sessions with no rest, which meant we worked through all 10 stations doing 25 reps in each and ideally getting through 2 rounds in 30 mins.  I honestly can’t remember what we did for all 10 stations, but the pics helped me recall a few which included TRX chin ups, wall ball squats, box jumps, rope slams, kettle bell squat with alternate single leg back lunges and there were also burpee jump squats and I do also remember skipping with ropes, where instead of 25 reps, it was 150 skips.

Get Fit_Collage_1

I remember getting through round 1 in 16 mins, so I grabbed a sip of water and just smashed myself for the final round.  In the end, I had around 60 seconds to spare where I pretty much just spent sitting on the floor!!

It hurt a LOT, but it was well worth it!!

Get Fit_Collage_2

I have also met some really amazing people while training at Kosama.  It’s often the same familiar faces each week.  These are the faces that challenge and push me to work hard, make me smile when I’m trying to concentrate and they also motivate the hell out of me when I’m just not feeling it on the day.

I’m looking forward to my last 12 days of training, where I’ll probably train around 20 times in at out of the gym.  It’s just under 7% of the time I have between now and my surgery, so it might sound like a lot of hours, but it’s not a huge amount of my overall time.

What I will do though is make sure I’m giving it 100% for each and every session, following Dr’s specific instructions to ‘Get as fit as you can’.

Get fit_2

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