Did you know?

Today I thought I’d share some interesting facts about me and my life.  Some of you would be familiar with these little snippets, while for others, you might come across some interesting and perhaps even at times, unbelievable information.

Like it or not, it’s all true and it’s all a part of my story and my journey so far in this wonderful life I call mine!!

Here goes…….

1. When I met Leigh in 1997, I wore a 10D bra!!  True story, my hooters were enormous, in fact they peaked at a ‘DD’ when I put on a few ‘comfort Kg’s’ as our relationship blossomed.  These days I sport a much more subtle, less perky and definitely less firm B cup.

While you’ve got to admire the high waisted jeans and super trendy halter next top, check out the natural cleavage in this shot!!  Click on the photo’s to get the full impact of just how big they once were – I couldn’t stop laughing myself!

Did you know_1

Here’s another photo, just to prove they the authenticity of the enormous boobies I had, besides, it’s only fair if I’m sharing embarrassing images of my past, that Leigh features in the odd shot here and there.

Did you know_9

2. In 1993 when I graduated from high school, my formal dress cost $2,000!!  OMG, you what!!!  Well, there’s a story to go with this.  You see, my dad (who I call David) left when I was 3 and never really had any involvement in our lives.  When he ‘appeared’ in my early teens, I asked whether he would pay for my formal dress.  I’m not sure how it all unfolded, but in the end, he bought me a designer Daniel Lightfoot original dress.  I just ran with it.

 Did you know_10

I know my two beautiful sisters will love the fact that I’m sharing this photo of the three of us together on my formal day.  What was I thinking?  That skirt over the dress is just not right!! I wish I took some photo’s of the dress on its own, it’s actually quite lovely, but I’m certain that $2k is a ridiculous amount to spend.  Oh well, I guess the guilt of not supporting us for our whole lives might have been the reason he willingly handed the money over.

3. I started school on my 5th birthday.  I remember being so excited and just leaving mum as soon as she dropped me off.  I think I was a cutie back then!!  What do you think?

 Did you know_4

4. In my third year of school, mum decided that a pixie cut was in order. What on earth was she thinking?  I went from a little cutie, to donning a bowl cut!!  Looking back at this photo, I have a feeling mum might have taken to my hair herself.  Oh dear…….

Did you know_5

5. Speaking of mum, she loved to dress us all the same when we were little girls.  At the time I think we all hated it, but seriously, how could we? Look how gorgeous the three of us are…..

Did you know_3

Did you know_11

6. Later in life, I appear to have adopted the same trait, not only did I frequently dress our girls the same when they were younger, but I also managed to find a photo of when we took two of Leigh’s younger sisters to Movie World.  They were visiting from NZ and I’m sure I managed to convince them that we should dress the same to avoid getting lost.

 Did you know_12

Remember the ‘matchy matchy’ swimmers I wrote about in a previous blog?  I think it’s fair to say that I’ve taken after my mum in this area.


7. Here’s an interesting fact that a lot of my friends might not know…..Leigh and I both smoked in our early 20’s.

I was never a rebel, despite this picture looking otherwise.  We were attending an end of year party, Leigh’s dressed as Kurt Cobain and I’m Courtney Love.  Notice that we both have a ‘ciggie’ in hand for effect and while they’re not lit, they would have at the time been ours.  I was always just a ‘social smoker’, but Leigh was definitely addicted to the habit.  It’s been over 13 years since we quit cold turkey!  Thank goodness for that!!

Did you know_13

8. I once owned a Harley Davidson motorcycle – seriously!  While it was only for around 48 hours, I was the proud owner of this little beauty.  I won it through a work competition that Sony ran nationally and I was pretty stoked to be honest.  I managed to be taken on a spin on the back of it and much to my mothers approval, I decided against keeping it and instead sold it.

 Did you know_6

9. In the late 1990’s I had a passion for the Brisbane Lions, which saw us becoming Lions members and ultimately going to all four (4) of their Grand Final games.  Talk about an amazing 4 years!!  Of course the matchy, matchy comes back into play and in 2001 when we wore some pretty fancy shirts we had made!  Face paint and all, the games were an experience that I’m so glad we were a part of.  I remember not being able to talk for a day or two after cheering so loudly, especially when we played Collingwood, they have some pretty passionate fans.

Did you know_2

In addition to loving the Lions, I was lucky enough to be at an event where Michael Voss, Simon Black and Justin Leppitsch attended.  Naturally as a BIG BIG fan, I was able to be snapped in a picture or two (OK, maybe more like 10) with them.  Here are two of my faves!!

Did you know_7Did you know_8

10. In 1999 when we were married, Leigh and I actually eloped!  The thought of 100+ people fussing over me on my wedding day did not appeal one bit.  I nervously suggested to Leigh and we elope and when he realised I was being serious, we decided to just do it.  While it was a tough decision to not include any family at all, we knew that if we started to invite one or two people each that it would end up snowballing into a full blown event.  We quietly went off with just a couple of friends and exchanged our vows in a nice little quaint chapel at Mt Pleasant.  It was a truly beautiful day!

Did you know_15 Did you know_14

So there you have it.  As I prepare this week to share some more personal and intimate images of my journey towards having a Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy, I thought that it would be a good idea to share some interesting and not commonly known things about me.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.  For a good laugh, go through your old photo albums, it’s so much fun!!

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