Day 6 – Post Op and it’s Date Night!!

This time a week ago, it was the ‘eve’ of my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I completed my final training session at Kosama Fitness and trotted off to Thursday night ‘date night’ with my gorgeous husband.  We had our favourite Guzman Y Gomez or GYG as we regularly call it and I responsibly ordered the ‘vegetarian salad’.  It was delicious!


We are very fortunate and thankful for our regular weekly ‘date night’ and we know how ‘lucky’ we are as a couple to have this regular time together.  Leigh’s mum comes over every week for a sleepover, it’s just wonderful.  ‘Gran’ takes care of the girls, they eat an ‘easy’ dinner, usually comprising of Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese or Homemade Nachos and both of our girls enjoy learning some wonderful things by spending quality time with their ‘Gran’.   Layla can now crotchet and I often find some beautiful drawings and sketches created under the watchful eye of Leigh’s artistic mother.

An interesting statistic to share:  Gran, Layla and Libby are all left handed.


Leigh and I usually enjoy a training session on Thursday night before heading to dinner together.  We usually go to China Town if we are sick of GYG.

We’re very lucky!  We know!!

Tonight, on Day 6 post-op, we had date night in the hospital and GYG it was. While I love seeing the girls daily, they have had almost a week of visiting me in hospital, which means some later nights than usual, so tonight they were on ‘catch-up’ mode with their sleep.  We can always rely on Gran to have them in bed super early!!

Date night wasn’t too eventful, but the company was priceless as we spent a couple of hours just laying in bed together watching reality television, which we rarely do.  This week I’ve been regularly watching The Block and hoping that it would be on again, but it was the darn footy on Channel 9 instead.  We ended up cuddling and watching The Amazing Race, still crappy reality TV, but it wasn’t the point.  We just wanted to spend some time together and it was fantastic.


It was also a very exciting day on the ward.  I had three very special people from Smiling for Smiddy visit me, and I also had a fellow Smiddy rider who works here at the hospital pop in.  I always feel energised and on top of the world when visitors leave, they must be leaving some pretty good vibes behind for me.  I also have myself an awesome new Smiddy long sleeve jersey to train in as winter approaches.  It’s perfect, given that I’m riding to Townsville from Brisbane in August/September in the Smiling for Smiddy Challenge ride and most of my training will be over the winter period.


You can check out my supporter page here, it tells you a little about why I’m riding and of course to make things more challenging, I decide to take on the ride in the same year I have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  I do love a challenge!!  If you feel like donating your next morning coffee towards my fundraising target, I’d be more than most appreciative.  All funds assist The Mater Foundation research team, who I’m hoping one day will find the secret to preventing breast and ovarian cancer diagnosis.  Every little bit helps!


Later in the afternoon I went on my ‘ward walk’ and visited new friend and one of the Under the Red Dress founders Beth Whaanga.  What an inspirational and strong woman with a story to tell that’s bound to change the way we all look at beauty.  If you haven’t already visited the Under the Red Dress website to read their Vision, it’s well worth the visit to both their website and Facebook page.

Beth & Yas

While it’s too early to know whether I’ll be here for another night, I’ve had such a wonderful day, I’m well rested and while my drains might still be more full than they need to be for me to leave, I’m getting better each and every day at learning to ‘chill out’.

I even watched a ‘chick flick’ for a couple of hours today!!

I’ll finish it off with a Friday Funny, because laughter is of course one of the best kinds of medicine.  I wonder what my earlobes line up with now that I don’t have any nipples 🙂


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