Day 3 – Post Op

Day 3 post Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy is done and dusted.

I was really determined to sleep more, so I switched off and fell asleep around 10:30pm on Sunday night.  I thought I’d trick my body clock and sneak in an earlier night than normal, but it didn’t work as I woke up at around 2:00am ready to start the day.

Darn you body clock!!

Determined to win, I stubbornly ignored the ‘wake up time’ and stayed in bed talking myself into sleeping for at least a few more hours.  I managed to sleep until around 4:30am, then I really stuck to my guns and aimed to nap until a more ‘normal’ wake-up time.  After about 4-5 nanna-naps, I made it through to just after 6:00am.  Whoo hoo!!  Broken sleep or not, I rested and that sets me up for the best chance of recovery.

Nanna Nap

Day 3 was once again super!  I am still pain free and recovering really well.

I had a surprise visit from The Mater Chicks in Pink and they gave me some goodies, including a stash of ‘chick flick’ DVD’s to watch.  I’m destined to spend some time in front of the DVD player watching some of these!!  And yes, before you ask, YES it did take all of my might not to alphabetise and order the pile before I took this picture!!  I see it as a sign that I’m ‘relaxing’….


I had some lovely visitors pop in today, including my wonderful SIL (sister-in-law) Regina, who came up from the Gold Coast to keep me company and also my lunchtime picnic surprise friend Jess, who is also the talent behind the photo’s taken of me prior to my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. If you haven’t already seen Jess’s blog, take a visit to her Essence Images website to read her very beautiful blog piece.  The images are truly beautiful.


I also had a visit from a beautiful breast cancer survivor and fellow mother, Pauline Sinclair. Pauline and I met only recently in December at the TEDxSouthBankWomen conference where we sat beside one another as strangers. We connected after the conference via social media and have since become friends, connected initially by the disease that Pauline fought and beat, and I fought to cheat. Pauline told me her amazing story of strength and courage today as she underwent her own journey to successfully fight breast cancer in June last year.  It’s people like Pauline that inspire me!

While today was the first time we ‘met’ since our very brief introduction at the conference, I felt like we were old friends catching up after years of not seeing each other. Isn’t it funny how people come into one another’s lives just at the right time. I just had to share this picture Pauline sent me last night as I was thanking her for the visit… definitely resembles me relaxing!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.22.48 pm

I gobbled up my delicious home-made and personally delivered picnic lunch, keeping the left overs (thanks Jess) in the fridge so I can munch again on it tomorrow.  Even in this photo below, Jess has a knack to make me look like I’m glowing!!

Picnic Lunch

The biggest news of the day was the fact that two (2) of my drains were removed.  I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how it would all feel, but after some reassurance from the same amazing nurse I referred to in my previous ‘Training Time’ blog, we took some deep breaths together and before I knew it they were out – pain free!!

My final ‘high’ for the day was the visit from my beautiful family after school. The girls came in with Leigh and shared their school day news with me.  We also shared Vanilla Pod gluten free cupcakes together, well actually, the girls and Leigh ate the cupcakes, I didn’t have an appetite for sweet food.  Of course we don’t normally have cupcakes after school, but yesterday marked a special day for our family.  It was the 3 year anniversary of my Pop’s passing.  Pop was like a father to me and we would always take him to visit Nan at her grave when she passed away. Together we would always share cupcakes with Pop as we sat at Nan’s grave reminiscing over the ‘good old days’.  It became a tradition and we have continued it on special anniversaries ever since.

RIP Poppy

It was an eventful day, enjoyable for so many varied reasons.   I’m looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you as I start Day 4 today.

I honestly can’t think of a better song to start the day with!!  Get up and dance along, you know you want to.

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