Day 1- Post Op

Day 1 is a wrap!

I’m sharing my own personal journey here, however before you read my account, please don’t consider any of what I’m saying as an indication of what others may have been through themselves or what you might go through in your own journey.  Everyone has a different experience and every day it can change in an instant.

Different quote

Like anything in life, we are all different and whether it’s good or bad, please remember that there is no right or wrong.  What I’m sharing with you is just my own account and what I feel today can easily vary to what I might share tomorrow.

So Day 1 is done!  I feel fantastic!  I always thought I’d feel good afterwards, but I’m a little surprised myself at how well recovery is going so far.  When I came out of recovery I was a little ‘crazy’ according to Leigh.  I only wish he captured some video of that crazy speak, it would have given me something to laugh at now.


Once crazy Yas left, which I think was in a matter of an hour or two, I began to feel ‘normal’ again.  I was given loads of information from the amazing nursing staff, including a summary of my drains, my oxygen, my PCA and other medications and finally my meal plan.

Would you believe that I didn’t get to sleep until after 1:00am?  I know it sounds strange, but to be honest, I’m usually a night owl so it didn’t really feel that strange to me – although I think some of the nursing staff wondered about it.  Don’t fear though, there’s a whole Rainbow Magic book about Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy!!

Yasmin Fairy

I did have the odd power nap here and there yesterday, so that might have kept me awake a little later than normal.

I woke up around 4:00am, right around my normal wake-up time when I’m training.  Rest assured, I didn’t get up and train today though, despite what some of you might think!  I waited for the sun to rise before really ‘waking up’ and found myself ready to start the day around 5:00am.

Today was eventful, I managed to do quite a lot, including:

  • a sponge bath
  • dispose of my attractive hospital undies (YAY)
  • change into my Macaroon Peter Alexander PJ’s gifted to me for my recent b’day
  • walk myself to the loo regularly for visits
  • brush my own teeth
  • eat a light fluid based diet
  • track my friends and fellow athletes racing at Ironman New Zealand today, congratulations to all of the boys for finishing
  • welcome some loving visitors, including our beautiful girls
  • I ate a normal dinner, including a fresh salad and serve of sweet potato mash


When your highlight of the day is having your family just hang around, it’s always a good day.

I finished the day with another couple of power naps in the early evening, all with Happy Feet playing in the background.  Although, when the movie finished, I found myself full of energy again until about 1:00am.  I’ll have to start thinking about cutting out the little naps if it means I’m up this late each night.

All in all, it was about as perfect as it could be today.  I still have no pain whatsoever, I’m soaking this up for as long as I can.

Here’s a quick video update:

Thank you for your love and support.

Yas xxxx

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