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Those that know me most understand that I don’t tend to store useless information and recall it easily.  For example, I have no idea what year I had relatively major surgery on my right hand following a netball injury.  If I thought about it long enough, I think I could potentially calculate the dates based on loose memories of when I think it was, but I honestly have no idea.

When something happens to me, I act in the moment, it’s usually on my to-do list and prioritised as either an A or B task, then numbered in the order I intend to complete the task.  I know, I know, it sounds absurd, but it’s just me and I’ve learnt to embrace and accept it.  I can thank Brian Tracy and his ‘Eat that Frog’ book for helping me master the art of managing my time.  I think that I tend to rely on my list rather than my memory for recalling information.

Eat that Frog Quote

Anyway, back to my point…..I don’t store useless information, but every now and then I do have a vivid memory of something from my past.  One thing I remember really well must be from when I was around 10-12 years old.  WHAM were big back then and I remember loving the song ‘Wake me up before you go-go’.  I mean who didn’t LOVE that song!!  Who doesn’t LOVE that song now? Seriously!!  You know you want to listen to it, so I  included the link to save you from having to Google it!

It was never a ‘crush style’ attraction to the song or the band, I just really loved the tune.  To be honest, I was never really a ‘poster on the wall’ kind of girl, except for my very brief crush on Bruce Samazan, but that’s a memory I’m certain I don’t need to store!

Bruce Samazan

Recently I’ve been having conversations about my PBM surgery and a few people have called me brave, strong and a variation of other complimentary words that I’m not sure I’m really deserving of.  Don’t get me wrong, as a mother, wife, woman and person in general, I’m tough, strong and brave all rolled up into a power punching package of awesomeness (just ask my Miss 6 and Miss 7 – I’m their hero and proud of it).


But, when it comes to being brave and strong for making the decision to have the bilateral mastectomy, I think it’s more a matter of doing what I need to do to guarantee that I’ll avoid a diagnosis of breast cancer which has already struck so many people I love.  The brave are those who have been diagnosed and had to fight cancer, the strong are those who have endured treatments, probing, prodding and invasion of life in order to prolong it and the mighty are those who have come through and inspired people like me to seek an alternative.

I’m not brave and I am certainly not in the league of those strong women who suffer through the diagnosis, sometimes with it ending tragically in death.

I’m just a normal person adding a task to my to-do list.  I’ve prioritised this as an A1 task and I’ll ensure it gets done and I’ll highlight it off the list when it’s all completed.   So as I count down the next 4 weeks day by day, I’ll share my journey with you as my way of normalising what I’ve learnt is known as ‘The Angelina Jolie Effect’.

I Choose Life!!


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