My name’s Yasmin, I’m many things in this life, both weird and wonderful, strange and standard.  For those that know me best, I’m an open book, there’s not many thoughts or experiences in our ‘family vault’ I’m not prepared to talk about.


I’m hard on myself and on a life long journey to be continually less hard on those around me!

I’m obsessively hard working, except when it comes to housework!

I am traditional and a little old fashioned and rarely break the law!

I love helping people, it’s a BIG passion of mine!

I’m confident and maybe a ‘tiny little’ outspoken, yet somewhat introverted!

I don’t sleep as much as I’m meant to, but I’ll nanna nap almost anywhere!

I keep a daily to-do list and put two spaces between a full-stop!

More on me….

Do you ever get that strange feeling when you’re talking to someone, you know the one where you can tell that they don’t really like you but they are talking to you anyway?  I do!  It’s a weird feeling and I never really thought about it too much until now, when I’m here describing myself.  Well I often say to my friends “I’m not for everyone” and it is very true, I’m not!

I love to keep fit and healthy, but I’m not athletically talented.  I’m good at most sports I try and occasionally rise to the top and win the odd medal, but it’s usually thanks to the team I’ve joined.  I’m a triathlete and an Ironman and this pretty much means I’m crazy!  I train most days, often twice a day and sometimes I even stay in my gym clothes between both sessions (I know it’s gross).

I’m completely inept when it comes to beauty and fashion, I have no idea how to put a trendy outfit together.  I would love a stylist to just pick my clothes, replace everything I own and teach me what to wear so I’m as comfortable in my clothes as I am my gym gear!  If I find something I like, I pretty much just buy it in every colour I can, seriously, I do!

I love to be busy, whether it’s with our children, working in our business, raising money for charity or just organising our weekly to-do list, I schedule it into the calendar and love to get things done.  Yet conversely, I love quiet weekends spent at home with the family, pottering around the house, playing board-games or watching appropriately rated movies with our girls and just chilling out together.

Let me introduce you to my wonderful little family…..

My husband Leigh


It goes without saying that Leigh is simply awesome!  We are so much alike, yet also dissimilar and for years we did absolutely everything together.  If he golfed, I did too.  If I shopped, he did too and while he might not admit it freely, he loves shopping more than I do!

He’s kind and funny, makes me laugh even when I’m trying to be serious and while we don’t listen to the same music or agree on the priority of doing dishes over chilling out, we are soul mates.  I sometimes wish he would do things faster and he probably wishes I would not leave my shoes on the floor around the house!  We hold hands in public, aren’t afraid to kiss and cuddle around others and while we’re far from perfect, we both know we are perfect for each other.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Leigh.  He’s super tidy, perhaps even a little obsessively tidy and I am freely admitting that he does just as much (if not more) around the house as me.  He’ll clean the kitchen and put the dishes away, whereas I’m more of an inside the cupboards and drawers tidier.  He’s sporty and active and indulges in chocolate and coffee daily.  He’s a little OCD and has matching Cannondale road, TT and mountain bike’s and I love it!

I fell in love with his smile and his eyes the moment I first saw him and still to this day, they can make everything better in an instant when I look at him.

We’re quite magical together, so magical that we even created these little miracles together:


Little Miss 7 and a half

She’s shy and introverted but behind closed doors she’s confident, determined and unwittingly intelligent. Strong, active, loving and articulate, her all time favourite thing to do is to read.


Little Miss 6 and a quarter

She’s confident and mature in thought, self-a-ware and determined, an old soul with a deep understanding of how to always be truthful, kind and loving.  Active and funny with a giggle that makes you smile, her all time favourite thing to do is have family pillow fights.


Finally, it wouldn’t be an ‘about us’ if I didn’t include our latest addition…..

Master 20 weeks

He’s cute and adorable, attracting affection wherever he goes.  He loves to jump, run and chase a ball. His all time favourite thing to do is chew on the smelly sweaty underwear I leave on the bathroom floor.


We all live together in Brisbane and enjoy spending a lot of time together.  We enjoy many family traditions together including Friday night movie nights, walks and rides to the duck pond, or a run down to the park for a play.

We live a simple life and abide by strong core family values, including love, honesty and integrity.

This is me, this is my family.


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  1. Beautiful Yas – Anth and I have been reading your blog tonight…he has one question – why? Aside from the questions you have already so thoughtfully shared, it’s more the history behind your decision. We are new to your friendship circle and I’m sure we will chat about it on our walks come gymnastics day – but if you are up for sharing on the blog….we are attentively keeping in touch. Suze xx

  2. Suze, it’s so great to hear that you and Anth are reading the blog together, I’m really touched to hear this. I write the blogs and ask Leigh to read some over before I post them, the content and stories usually come as a surprise to him, but he loves them! Your question is a good one, I’ve been planning to share the blog as to ‘Why?’, so I’ll be sure to post it this week. Initially I wanted to share some stories about me and our little family so that in a way, I could feel like I was letting people get to know me a little via these little life snippets. The whole idea of willingly removing a body part is fairly confronting, especially when it’s such a feminine part of me and the sharing of the ‘Why’ has so many facets, the personal reasons, the medical reasons and the logical ones too. I think it’s become more like a few blog articles!! We will no doubt have some great chats about it on our walks come gymnastics day. I look forward to chatting and sharing more with you. Yas xxxx

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